Singularity Threat Intelligence provides a deeper understanding of your threat landscape, monitoring emerging threats to proactively reduce risk and identify adversaries in your environment.

Actionable Intelligence to Protect Your Organization From Adversaries

Enhance Threat Detection, Investigation and Incident Response
with Industry Leading Threat Intelligence

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Deeply Understand Your Threat Landscape

Contextualize incidents by attributing them to specific threat actors, malware strains, and active campaigns targeting your organization.

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Proactively Monitor Emerging Threats

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with intelligence-led threat hunting capabilities that put proactive defense at your fingertips.

Threat Intelligence 250x82
Rapidly Identify Adversaries In Your Environment

Detect, prioritize and respond to known threats in real-time, empowering you to focus on high-priority incidents to minimize potential impact.

Adversary Intelligence Powered by Mandiant

Singularity Threat Intelligence is powered by Mandiant (now a part of Google Cloud), who is widely recognized as a leader in threat intelligence. Mandiant intelligence is curated by:
  • 500 threat intelligence experts across 30 countries speaking over 30 languages
  • Insights from over 1,800 breach responses annually
  • 200,000 hours of incident response per year
  • Frontline intelligence from Mandiant IR & MDR services
  • Both open-source threat intelligence (OSINT) and proprietary intelligence

Triage Security Alerts with Adversary Context

Context is key when it comes to effective security alert triage and incident response. Singularity Threat Intelligence contextualizes incidents so you can understand the broader threat landscape to more efficiently and effectively investigate a threat.

Identify Threat Actors with High-Fidelity Detections

Prioritize incident investigations like never before, empowering you to focus on high-priority threats in your environment. Use auto-response policies when Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) are identified, ensuring swift action is taken to neutralize potential risks.

Intelligence-Led Threat Hunting

Singularity Threat Intelligence highlights IOCs found within your network, providing you with valuable leads to initiate targeted threat hunting activities. Built on Singularity Data Lake, you can proactively hunt for threats across security tools and preemptively neutralize them before they cause harm.

Integrate All-Source Intelligence

Seamlessly integrate with your existing cybersecurity ecosystem to build a comprehensive intelligence infrastructure tailored to your specific needs. There are with many ways to consume and utilize threat intelligence, including:
  • Industry-leading Mandiant Threat Intelligence
  • SentinelLABS threat research
  • WatchTower reporting
  • Curated integrations in Singularity Marketplace
  • Bring your own intelligence via API

Act on Insights with Managed Threat Hunting

Call on SentinelOne WatchTower Pro, which gives you a dedicated threat hunter to search every corner of your unique enterprise for unwanted risk—current and historical, external and internal.

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